Grandview Grange #151 History




Grandview Grange was established June 6,1906 and met at present day Cherry Hills School. The Grange initially was called Breene Acre Grange, later called Rocky Mountain Grange and January 29, 1914 was established as Grandview Grange. After several different meeting places Grandview met at the Curtis school at Orchid and University in 1916.


Grandview decided to build a Grange Hall in 1939. 2 acres were purchased across the street from the Curtis School, south of Orchid Road. The hall was started in October 1939 and completed in July 1940 and was built totally by Grange members. Grange meetings were held here from 1940 until April 2004when the roof collapsed from 3' of snow and was condemned. At one time membership in Grandview was over 450 and was the largest in Colorado.


Cost of rebuilding at this location became prohibitive and the Grange members decided to sell the land to Missions Hills Church and to look for a new building. It was decided to buy the church located at 2280 E. Noble Place from Beth Shalom, in May 2004.

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