What is Grange?





The grange is a family oriented, rural community service organization that has a special interest in issues that affect Agriculture. Nationwide, its members get together to:

  1. Initiate non-partisan political action
  2. Support community service projects
  3. Provide leadership training and education
  4. Fellowship

As a fraternal organization, the Grange creates a special environment for individual growth and service. Each Grange meetings open with a prayer and salute to the flag. As a community based organization, each Grange elects its own officers and plans its own yearly program it receives substantial assistance from information and materials that are provided by the State and National Grange.


As non-partisan, political action organization, each Grange selects a legislative chairman and committee to keep members informed about issues that affect their community, State, and Nation. They also help to mobilize Grange action through resolutions, letters and public meetings.


WHO CAN JOIN---- the Grange welcomes anyone who believes; they can make our communities, state and nation a better place to live, work, learn and play. Persons who are 14 years and older may join and become active members. Persons 8-14 can join as part of the Junior Grange. Please contact me if you are interested in joining our local Grange is Grandview Grange #151--

Contact info- Teresa Montejano- 303-794-4097(o) or 303-408-7389(c)


    last updated: 21-Nov-2016
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