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Women's Resources

Lisa Cole, Director


The Women’s Resources program is a multigenerational, future oriented, creative program promoting activities and education specifically for women. We wish to expand the education of all women and broaden their interests in our world today through economic, cultural programs, the arts, politics, and many other activities, as well as through the promotion of personal and professional growth of each woman. As we work together to support women and build community we open our doors to inspire all women, whether they are teen mothers, single mothers, widows, women restructuring their lives after divorce or recovering from abusive environments. Women’s Resources will
encourage leadership and legacy by giving back to existing programs through mentoring, and service opportunities.

Look for workshops and retreats in the Granger and via email. Please share any ideas you may have that empower and honor women as leaders.

Contact Lisa @ (303) 420-6645 or (720) 300-6614 or
CSG office (303) 708-0606 or

  last updated: 14-Mar-2018
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