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Guideline Form

An initiated Grange member may be nominated for the Outstanding Granger Award. This award is presented at the final banquet of the State Convention to the deserving person or persons.

A sponsor will nominate the person and prepare a booklet about the nominee for the judges to use to make their decision. The notebook should contain:


•  Letters of recommendation.

•  Information about the person's Grange activities and achievements.

•  Articles.

•  Pictures.

•  Other supportive material, (i.e. involvement with organizations other than Grange).


Entries are due in the State Grange Office by September 10th. The State Master will appoint a committee to judge the entries. The winner is not announced until the banquet, and may be kept a surprise if the sponsor so wishes.


A plaque noting this award is given to the winner, as well as a special name badge that will always denote that the person received this special honor.

Important Dates and other Information

  • September 5 Outstanding Granger Nominations Due

  • September 5 Progressive Pomona Meeting at Grange Museum , 12:30 Potluck

  • September 12 Darden Pomona Meeting at Maple Grove 4 p.m., Potluck 5 p.m., Installation of Officers to follow

  • September 24-26 State Session, Masonic Lodge, Durango

  • September 24 Check-in Contest Entries at State Session

  • September 27 PICK Breakfast at Masonic Lodge, Durango

  • September 27 Colona (Montrose) 100 Birthday Open House, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

  • November 10-14 Co-Hosting 149 th National Convention, Lincoln , Nebraska

and you're invited

Just A reminder . . .

(See State Grange Handbook for rules and guidelines.  Contact State Directors for further information. Many are open to non-Grangers)

Continue to participate in the following Grange programs.  You can make a difference!
Food and monetary donations for the Hospitality Room at State Session;
Baby Quilts, Clothing Protectors (bibs for adults) Baby clothing
Children's books and book bags
Items for PICK Silent Auction
Cash donations for  Mandy Project (to help deaf and hard of hearing children)
Recycled eyeglasses, cancelled stamps, Box Tops for Education, Campbell product labels, Pepperidge Farm proof of purchase box tops, cell phones, aluminum pop can tabs, computer ink cartridges
Blankets for the emergency room at Children's Hospital (a new program initiated by Maple Grove Grange)
Words for Thirds Dictionary Project and Ag in the Classroom are continuing programs.


  last updated: 17-Jul-2015
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